We Match The Job

With The Right Talent


Recruitment With A Personal Touch

The common recruitment failure is always due relying too much on "expertise" and "experience" in CVs and too little on how well the personality fit into the corporate culture or working group. Therefore, we are striving harder to find the right personality for the right field. We know that in everything from customer relations to selection processes, it is people that create success in business and allows the company to develop.

We Are In The Business..too

We have been serving the property management industry in Dubai since 2008 - (we have indeed helped many "sudden -lost-of-job" expats to find alternative jobs during the financial crisis).

Propconsult Malaysia was established in 2012, focusing in Property Solutions, from software to payment, property insurance to people management.

Our talent recruitment division looks beyond the competence and experience, and strive harder to find the right personality - the decisive factor for a successful recruitment.

We have four specialized divisions within Property Management: Finance, Site Admin, Building Manager and General Manager.